Simplifying Built World|

Cloud based digital twin platform for data, decisions and task management

Asset Life Cycle Management through Reality Capture, Real time data

Realtime, collaborative, cloud-based and mobile-friendly - 3RDi is a simple-to-use Digital Twin platform designed for built-world industries. Simplify management by providing a visual picture of project along with communication, streamlining processes and other tools.

How It Works

  • 1

    Reality capture

    Automated capture of site in 3D.

  • 2

    Integrate Plan and Design

    Upload your project schedule,cost and design.

  • 3

    Integrate Real-Time Sensory Information

    Capture and integrate real-time data through various sensors in real time.

  • 4

    Machine Driven Insights

    Analyse multitude of data sets to track defects, progress with respect to design & plan schedule etc.

  • 5

    Visualise and Collaborate

    On multi-dimensional world data across platforms(web/mobile/vr).



Can be developed within 1-2 days. Intuitive to use & no training required.


Cloud-based & mobile friendly. Access from anywhere and view updates in real time


Data is captured through technology 4.0. No Manual interventions or Errors.


Ability to crunch billions of data points to deliver real time intelligent insights. No Manual interventions or Errors.


Transform your project management.